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Italswiss resins pump are able to inject two components polyhurethan resins with 1:1 ratio. The injection pump DP 40 PU is pneumatically driven, double acting piston pumps operating according to the pressure intensification principle. The pneumatic pressure is multiplied on the base of the ratio between the pump drive zone (low-pressure) and the high-pressure zone; For the GX-45-PU it 45:1.

The low-pressure and high-pressure zones are separated in such a way that if the sealings positioned in the high-pressure zone are not leakproof, the possible looses cannot enter into the low-pressure zone. The piston rods are made of high-tensile stainless steel and boast long service lives. The valve seats are made of wearproof quenched steel and sealings of UHMWPE special material.




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